Quality Policy
Quality Policy
Quality Policy

In the light of the vision adopted by Super Textile, we use d and advanced technologyan machinery, go beyond the customers’ expectations, design and offer for sale affordable, user friendly and healthy products and provideafter-sale services. We are dedicated to manage our activities in compliance with the Environmental, Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems and to become a leading company for our high quality standards in the household linens industryin order to ensure the followings:


-Documentation and constant improvement of our quality management system to comply with the requirements of ISO 9001 standards, 


- To attain corporate and unit targets in a team spirit, relying on total quality philosophy,


-To develop policies and strategies of each department in compliance with that of the company,


- To revise our business processes in a self-evaluation process, and to improve productivity to compete in international standards, 


-To ensure production at a sitting and correctly, and timely delivery to customers,


- To encourage innovative and creative approaches, to tune our activities in support of training to enhance technical and behavioural competence.